Allfather – Inherit The Dust (single)


Label: self-released

I wouldn’t normally write about an individual single – especially not when it clocks in just shy of five minutes – but some things are worth making an exception for. Inherit The Dust by Allfather is one of those things. Building on the riff-heavy foundation laid down on their Bless The Earth With Fire album earlier in the year, Inherit The Dust is a slightly mournful, yet still incredibly powerful, cry of protest against the self-defeating Western interventions in the Middle East. High On Fire style riffs and melodic dual-guitars combine with an almost hardcore intensity to superbly rousing effect, with vocalist Tom being in especially fine form as he leads the protest. Metal has a long history of decrying the futility of war and senseless killing, and Inherit The Dust is a strong continuation of that legacy.

What makes the single even more notable though – and especially worthy of your time and money – is that Allfather are donating all proceeds from the single to humanitarian charity Help Refugees. It’s great to see a band not only take a stand for a good cause, but directly support said cause. That the song is great doesn’t hurt, either, and should help Allfather gain some of the recognition they deserve as one of the finest purveyors of riffs in the UK metal underground today – not to mention being thoroughly decent guys.

Inherit The Dust is available to stream and download from Bandcamp.

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