Alcoholic Rites / Lustrum – Drunk And In Charge (split)


Label: Eternal Death

The second of two new splits out on Eternal Death, Drunk And In Charge sees Ecuadorian band Alcoholic Rites pair up with Lustrum – who also featured on Too Wild For The Crowd – for four tracks of filthy, thrashing black metal. This is a prime example of underground metal at its most belligerent, with a red-raw sound, no shortage of “fuck you!” attitude and absolutely no subtlety. In short, it’s bloody great.

The first side of Drunk And In Charge sees Alcoholic Rites offer two tracks of unapologetic booze-fueled filth. “The Flight Of The Black Owl” opens in slow, brooding fashion, as if crawling out of some ancient tomb, before switching in to aggressive black-thrash that still retains that ominous atmosphere from the opening. “Alkolic Metal Explosion” wastes no time in going for the throat, opening at high tempo at staying there for its duration. There’s a very strong 80’s extreme metal feel to the track, as if it could all collapse at any moment, which gives it a real sense of danger and excitement.

As on Too Wild For The Crowd, Lustrum’s side is very raw, with plenty of passion and energy coming through. “Scum Brigade” is a metalpunk rager, and the moment it slips in to a Celtic Frost-esque groove is a real highlight. “Burning Sin” keeps that sense of groove and heaviness going right from the start, before embracing slower tempos towards the end. Celtic Frost crossed with metalpunk is hardly an original proposition any more, but on both Drunk And In Charge and Too Wild For The Crowd, Lustrum show that they have absolutely nailed this style, mixing groove with aggression to great effect.

Of the two splits, Drunk And In Charge does feel like the darker of the two; more aggressive and serious than Too Wild For The Crowd. Both are great slices of underground black-thrash though, and here Alcoholic Rites raise expectations for their forthcoming full-length next year, whilst Lustrum re-introduce themselves to the metal underground in style some five years after their original demo. As such, it’s everything you’d want from an underground split.

Drunk And In Charge can be pre-ordered digitally at Bandcamp, and on 7″ vinyl via Eternal Death, including in a bundle that also includes the Abigail / Lustrum split 7″ Too Wild For The Crowd. Both splits are set for release on 25 November 2016.

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