Abigail / Lustrum -Too Wild For The Crowd (Split)


Label: Eternal Death

Looking for something to get your head banging, and remind you of just how powerful metal can be? Then Too Wild For The Crowd is sure to satisfy your need. This split sees Japanese greats Abigail – a personal favourite – join up with Lustrum, who feature members of One Master and Moirgrion. From this you’d imagine you can probably expect a merciless, high-tempo, energetic burst of black metal, and you’d be right. It’s another solid release from Eternal Death, who never seem to put a foot wrong with their releases.

Abigail take the first side of Too Wild For The Crowd, and their two songs – “Thundercunt” and “Satan Power Unholy War” – are exactly what you’d anticipate from Abigail. The passion and energy that the Japanese street metal veterans can still conjure after so many splits, EPs, and full-lengths is astounding, and anyone accusing them of being crude, tasteless, or unimaginative is missing the point. Abigail exist for the thrill and joy of extreme metal, combining equal parts of blackened thrash and 80’s speed metal, and these two tracks have the same drive and restlessness that has characterised the band since Intercourse And Lust was released twenty years ago. Much like, say, Motörhead, you know exactly what you’re going to get from Abigail, and they don’t disappoint. Hail Yakuza!

Lustrum’s take on black metal is much more raw, though still with more than enough speed and violence for their pairing with Abigail to make sense. “The Seven Witches Of Hell” is a vicious beast, raging ahead in a manner reminiscent of Aura Noir. Passion and energy is the modus operandi of Lustrum, and that’s displayed perfectly here. The duo’s second track, “Temple Of Lust”, opens up in more mid-tempo, Celtic Frost-esque fashion – complete with distorted demonic vocals – before shifting in to raw blackened thrash territories, with the catchiest of riffs and plenty of groove. It’s a fine offering from an exciting band, and Too Wild For The Crowd is a great split that fans of blackened thrash and raw underground metal would be well advised to check out.

Too Wild For The Crowd can be pre-ordered on 7″ vinyl via Eternal Death, including in a bundle that also includes the Alcoholic Rites / Lustrum split 7″ Drunk And In Charge, reviewed here. Both splits are set for release on 25 November 2016. Follow Eternal Death on Bandcamp for future digital releases.

2 thoughts on “Abigail / Lustrum -Too Wild For The Crowd (Split)

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