Earth Moves – The Truth In Our Bodies


Label: Truthseeker Music 

It’s difficult to imagine Earth Moves inspiring an apathetic response from anyone who might hear their debut, The Truth In Our Bodies. Containing members of UK emo bands including Grappler and We Never Learned To Live, Earth Moves tread in similar territories to Envy and early Deafheaven, with screamo and post-rock fueled emotional catharsis being the order of the day, with shades of blackgaze in there too. And god-damn, is it ever emotional. This is the kind of record that demands a response, with cascades of sound and desperate, impassioned vocals. This is not one for casual listening; it is absolutely not background music, but an album to be swept up in, committing yourself to for its duration, with the pay-off being more than worthwhile.

As would be hoped for with music of this nature, Earth Moves strike a balance between the beautiful and the violently cathartic. This is evident right from opener “Omen”, with blackgaze guitars building up over steady drums, the tension gradually building until the impassioned vocals arrive, offering a brief moment of catharsis until the band smoothly transition in to “House Of Flowers” with another graceful post-rock section that soon gives way to whirlwind riffs and frantic drumming, topped off with desperate, emotional vocals. The build-up that opens “There Was An Apple Orchard Here” is another fine case in point, further demonstrating the band’s understanding of how to create shimmering, gentle music that is full of emotion and can soon shift in to more intense sections.

With exception of opener “Omen”, these tracks are not short (with “Iridescent” and “Pia Matter” each being over eight minutes long), giving the band plenty of time to nurture the required tension and give each song distinct movements and flow. Whereas some post-rock and screamo bands can settle in to a mood and struggle to break free of it without any sense of disjointedness, The Truth In Our Bodies is an album full of smooth transitions and natural flows. None of the movements are jarring, and paradoxically, it’s that feeling of the songs moving so naturally and easily that demonstrates just how much work has gone in to crafting them.

Not everyone will be able to connect with an album like this, though. The vocals and lyrics are much more central to Earth Move’s sound and atmosphere than they are many other bands who incorporate blackgaze and post-rock in to their sounds; and the lyrics are every bit as emotional as the vocals are. Lines such as “I remember when we first locked eyes / It was dark inside me / But you turned on a light” will hit you either right there, or do absolutely nothing for you. As someone who isn’t averse to overly emotional lyrics when they’re handled with tact, as they are often are here, that the lyrics fit the music so well is a big plus; but, I can imagine others might not be so keen on them.

If so, I’d say it’s their loss. The Truth Is In Our Bodies is a bold, powerful album, full of passion and talent. If you’re looking for something intelligent and emotional, beautiful and cathartic, then this album might just be what you’ve been searching for.

The Truth Is In Our Bodies is set for release on 4th November 2016. It can be pre-ordered on vinyl  via the Truthseeker webstore (100 copies pressed on frosted clear vinyl, 150 on November rain vinyl), and digitally via Bandcamp.

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