Misogynist / Procrastinator – Split


Label: Yamabushi Recordings

If ever artwork set the tone for the music contained on a cassette, then this is it. The Yamabushi Recordings Facebook page describes this split between Misogynist and Procrastinator as “an attempt to ruin music forever”. And you know what? That description is not far off the mark. This is fuzzed-out, depraved, utterly fucking horrible noise rock, with both bands dealing not so much in riffs as in waves of aggressive noise, with lyrics that are often beyond tasteless. Not one to be played in polite company, then, but if you’re after something abrasive and antisocial that can only just be described as music, you’re in for a treat.

Misogynist come across as the more impenetrable of the two, with the primitive riffs being topped off with waves of distortion and noise, whilst the vocals are utterly unhinged and inhuman. The bass throbs and dominates, whilst the guitars buzz in a way that simply drips with dirt and filth. Spend enough time with it though, and a certain kind of groove becomes apparent, buried under all the inhospitable darkness. As for the lyrics, they don’t so much push the boundaries of good taste as they do piss all over them without concern for what you might think.

For Procrastinator’s part, their tracks are marginally more approachable, but only just – the feedback and drum rhythm that opens up “Frasier” is the least aggressive thing here. The band name might imply laziness, but they waste no time laying down the kind of riffs that are so covered in dirt and fuzz that they sound inherently wrong. The lyrics are both absurdly funny and utterly bleak (such as “I’m naked and cold / nearly 30 years old / I’m as good as dead” from “Clothed Female Naked Male”), though you’ll have a hard time making them out – the vocals are a barely penetrable barrage of desperate shouts and groans. Which is all exactly as it should be.

Really, given the artwork and description given by the label, the depths to which both Misogynist and Procrastinator sink should be no surprise. But even so, it’s kind of shocking just how unwelcoming and aggressive this tape is. It’s incredible just how much nastiness both bands express over the course of just over twenty minutes. Definitely one for bad days, and when you want to upset everyone within earshot.

Split can be downloaded and streamed via Bandcamp; cassettes are available at Yamabushi Recording’s bigcartel page.

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