Nevasca – Nevasca (Self-Titled)


Label: Ruined Smile Records

Hailing from Russia, Nevasca play the kind of music that blurs the lines between indie and emo. Full of melody and lightness, there is a vibe to the two songs on this, their self-titled 7″, that makes me think of wistful summer nights where it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, so long as you’re doing it with those you care for. Whilst there is a definite energy and cathartic quality to the songs, there is also something inherently relaxing about them, making it perfect music to wind down with at the end of the day, or for more intimate times.

Opener “Elsewhere” has that nice Sunny Day Real Estate feel to it, spacious and full of clean guitars that don’t so much play songs as they do weave melodies in to one another, with the rhythm section holding it all together until those delightful chords come in. Even when they do, it’s not so much an onslaught as it is an inevitable release, with the mood that has been previously built up rising to a head. The track may end with an increase in volume, but it only serves to emphasize how downright lovely the music that preceded it has been. Throughout, the vocals maintain that kind of authentic, honest sing-speak style that is so effective with music like this.

“Hopscotch” is slightly more direct, opening with strong chords and bass, whilst there’s real energy and power in the drums. It’s when the vocals kick in that the band ease off, and there’s some small moments that make me think of early Appleseed Cast as much as Sunny Day Real Estate or Mineral. I absolutely love the way the song comes to a close, with the band building up to a relatively forceful close, and the vocals growing in confidence and intensity – when it all hits, it’s both cathartic and life-affirmingly beautiful in the way that only emo of this style can be.

Going by the two songs they have presented here, Nevasca have both the talent and knowledge to make this kind of indie-emo seem powerful both musically and emotionally. It’s been a while since I really listened to the bands they so clearly draw inspiration from, but this 7″ has pulled me right in. They might not expand much upon the source material, but when the results are this good, who cares? There’s a lot to like here, and I hope they release another EP or a full-length soon, as these two songs have me wanting more.

Nevasca can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp, as well as purchased on vinyl (100 black, 100 white opaque, 50 orange opaque).

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