Troglodytes – Avoid/Survive


Label: Yamabushi Recordings

Here’s what you need to know about Avoid/Survive by Troglodytes. It lasts for an epic eight minutes, packing ten songs in to that duration. Each of those songs is a fully-formed piece of hardcore/fastcore/power-violence catharsis that could have been written at almost any time since the late 80’s. Don’t expect much in the way of sophistication here – the joy is in the most violent and straight-forward of attacks, with almost every aspect of the music stripped right to the bone. Let’s face it, you don’t call your band Troglodytes without knowing what it implies. It’s rough, raw, pissed-off, and great fun. For anyone looking for some danger in their punk rock, look no further.

It’s not the kind of release that lends itself to deep analysis. The riffs are fast, the drums are faster, and the vocals every bit as desperate as you’d hope for. It sweeps you along with its energy, leaving you battered and bruised, with song titles like “Maladjusted”, “Nothing Returns”, and “Through Abuse” painting their own bleak picture. There’s a pretty killer guitar solo towards the end of “Through Abuse”, but that’s as close as anything comes to being more complicated than a fist to the face – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, that’s what you need the musical equivalent of, and Troglodytes provide it. It’s the kind of release that, when I listen to it, I find myself listening to it on repeat for long stretches at a time – the energy and danger emanating from these songs is addictive.

But, in some way, all of this is beside the point. In the time it’s taken you to read this, you could probably have listened to most of Avoid/Survive, and it’s not exactly the kind of release that needs a long time to get to the point (which is, of course, to its credit). That it contains members of Cthulu Youth, Cease To Exist, and Sessoviolento is no surprise. You probably already know if it’s for you or not. What are you waiting for? Get on it.

Avoid/Survive is available on cassette from Yamabushi Recordings, limited to 50 copies (10 red, 40 clear) and can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp.

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