Dead Ocean – Slave Nation

Label: Hotfoot Records

Dead Ocean aren’t messing around. Slave Nation, the debut track from their latest album (due for release in the summer on Hotfoot Records) is a real modern hardcore rager. The first comparison that came to mind was Enabler, and like that band there’s a feeling of claustrophobia and relentless anger propelling the song along at considerable speed. The guitar are shredding, whilst the bass and drums hit with real power. I can’t help but imagine that this band are pretty damn dangerous live – this song certainly doesn’t come across like it has any good intentions for you. The mid-song section, where things slow down beneath an ominous sample, only add to this feeling of impending disaster, whilst also demonstrating that the band know and how when to ease off the speed and violence without losing any intensity. At less than two minutes long it doesn’t overstay its welcome, and leaves me very excited for their new record.

Check out the song on Youtube, and keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter.

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