Enochian Cross – Forest Of Afterlife

Label: Self-released/Independent

Hailing from Greece, Enochian Cross are a fairly new band who have just released this first single, Forest Of Afterlife. The band describe themselves as “extreme metal”, and it’s a fair label; there’s a lot of different influences going in to this song, and they’ve done very well to combine them into something coherent and enjoyable. The progressive tendencies are what stand out most though, clear early on from the way the keyboard-led into morphs into the djent-esque main riff of the verses, whilst the choruses are very catchy, but thankfully not overly so. Vocalist John Didas has a formidable growl, with his lyrics coming through quite clearly. The band keep things moving, never keeping things the same for too long, which is something others playing this style often fail to do, aided by a few flourishes in the drumming. The keyboards may seem overpowering on first listen, but they’ve grown on me with subsequent listens; at points they add a tasteful, mid-90s symphonic black metal feel. The real star of the show is the guitars, though, with an excellent leads during the closing minute. It adds a classic, old-school metal touch to what is largely a very modern sounding song, and the combination works very well. I’ll certainly be following this band with interest.

Forest of Afterlife can be streamed and downloaded via Bandcamp, and you can watch the video on Youtube. The band can be followed on SoundCloudFacebook, Twitter, and Myspace.

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