Personal Device – Microorganismos del Mal


Label: Gomorrah Records

Bandcamp stream: Link

Hailing from Bogotá in Colombia, Personal Device play the kind of thrashy crossover that is sure to have heads banging and be an absolute blast when played live. As such, the biggest challenge when recording and publishing such music is surely to capture that sense of energy and excitement, to make the listener feel it whilst sat at home rather than whilst at a gig. On their latest release, Microorganismos del Mal, Personal Device have done a very good job of capturing that feeling, and have recorded something energising and exciting.

It is worth pointing out that Microorganismos del Mal is hardly a revolutionary record, and it’s unlikely to change anyone’s mind about crossover as a genre. However, if you’re a fan of bands like D.R.I or Municipal Waste, then this is sure to appeal. What’s on offer is ten tracks of up-tempo, riff-driven crossover, with enough variety to keep attention held without straying far from the core sound of their chosen style. The biggest moment of departure comes with the acoustic introduction of opening track “Secuencia 0.1”, but from there onwards, the duration of the album is filled with music that will have you banging your head and wishing you were at a gig or party, rather than wherever else you find yourself.

There are plenty of highlights throughout the album; tracks such as “People” and “Polemic Staff” contain some superb guitar leads; the opening of “La Cuidad” showcases the excellent bass work and sound that is consistent throughout the album; and tracks such as “Thrash Instead Of Getting Mad” are incredibly catchy and full of infectious energy. Even outside these tracks, the song-writing is consistently strong throughout, and the older tracks on the album – dating back to when the band were known as Unheilbar – fit in seamlessly with the newer material.

I can imagine that some might dismiss this album as being generic, or for not really doing anything new, but to voice such complaints misses the point of music like this. It’s not music to dwell over and assess in real depth – instead, it’s music to enjoy yourself to, and judged on that criteria, Microorganismos del Mal is a total success. As the song says, “Thrash Instead Of Getting Mad” – that should tell you all you need to know about the spirit and attitude of this album, and whether it’s for you or not. Needless to say, fans of this style, or anyone looking for some up-tempo, energising metal, will not be disappointed at all.

Microorganismos del Mal can be streamed and downloaded in full via Bandcamp; for physical copies, look on the band’s Facebook for a list of local retailers and distros, or you can contact the band directly.

Rating: 8/10

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