Scrap Iron – Self-titled Demo


Label: Self-released/independent

Bandcamp stream: Link

Hardcore doesn’t need to be complicated. Really, the argument can be made that the more straight-forward and direct, the better. There’s a time and place for impressing with technical ability and twisting songs. There’s also a time and a place for charging ahead like a battering ram, not caring what gets in your way as you express your hate. Scrap Iron understand that, and on this, their first demo, produce nine songs that will have you acting like an idiot in the way that only good, pissed-off hardcore can.

Their sound is pretty easy to describe. Do you like your hardcore to be fast and angry, with an absolutely killer bass tone? You’ll dig this. There’s hints of power-violence in their sound, and it’s not all played at top speed – “Suicide Seeds” is a great mid-tempo rager – but on the whole, this is the kind of hardcore that isn’t made for standing at the back of the room, arms folded and nodding in appreciation. It demands a response, and the way it gets the adrenalin pumping is sure to guarantee one. I can only imagine how great this band is live; they’ve done a superb job of putting across their energy on this demo, and if their live sets are comparable, they must absolutely slay.

The relatively straight-forward, pissed-off nature of the music and vocals doesn’t mean it’s stupid, though. There’s some great lyrics on these songs, showing that their anger isn’t of the stereotypical “I play hardcore therefore I must be angry” kind, but takes aim at issues as diverse as government corruption, the fashion/beauty industry, the monetisation and destruction of farming, and the appalling way workers are being treated on the construction sites of Olympic stadiums. Rest assured, it’s not your typical “ACAB” content that passes for political commentary these days. It’s clear that Scrap Iron are a band with something to say, and they do so very well indeed.

The only real complaint that can be raised is about the sound quality, but it is a demo, and even if there’s moments when the songs would benefit from a bit more punch in the guitars, it doesn’t stop them being enjoyable in the way that only fast, angry hardcore and power-violence can be. It’s over in ten minutes, which simultaneously feels just about right but also not quite long enough, meaning repeated listens are inevitable. As is trashing your house in response. Awesome.

Rating: 8.5/10

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