Sargeist – Feeding The Crawling Darkness


It was my privilege to recently review the new Sargeist album prior to its release. Absolutely top-tier black metal, featuring one of the genre’s true underground greats.

“It should be abundantly clear by now to anyone with more than a passing awareness of the genre that black metal is about more than just music. Few genres command comparable levels of devotion; it began as being about more than the music, and that is still the case. For true fans, black metal is not just something you listen to. It is something that seeps into your soul, corrupting your very being with its dark presence. Sargeist understands this, and stay true to the musical and satanic values of the early Scandinavian scene. Originally the solo project of Shatraug – one of the most highly regarded figures within underground black metal for good reason – the band has come to include other compatriots of the Finnish scene, and the release of latest album Feeding The Crawling Shadows should be greeted with anticipation by anyone who has encountered the music of those involved.”

Read the full review at Summoning Spirits.


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