Tare – Ritual Degradation


Label: Eternal Death

Bandcamp stream: link

Necro as fuck. Those three words succinctly sum up the sound and feel of this debut EP from Tare. The six tracks on Ritual Degradation come from the more primitive end of black metal’s gene pool, with a sound that is heavily influenced by the rawer parts of the Finnish scene. There’s also more than a hint of punk attitude in the sound, in a manner comparable to bands like Bone Awl. It’s a record full of momentum, constantly being propelled forward by the raw power of the music and the production, and makes for a very compelling, and strangely catchy, listen.

“No Real Reason” gets things off to a start, and by the end of the track’s three minutes, you should know whether you’re on board with this or not. The guitars have real bite to them, raw and wonderfully distorted, whilst the vocals are all but impossible to understand, warped as they are by distortion and the production. Behind them, the rhythm section keeps things together, not really doing anything especially flashy, but it’s enough to keep the structure of these songs together. Because even if the initial impressions are of a band delighting in the joys of raw black metal, repeat listens make it clear that there’s more going on here than that description might lead you to expect. “Zoo With God” features a fairly lengthy instrumental section, and “Subjugation.Alienation.” is about as subtle and restrained as this style of black metal can be whilst still staying interesting. The overall impression is still of something raw and crude though, reinforced by titles like “Ripped To Shit” and “Innate Blasphemy.”

The final track is, however, a definite surprise. At just over five minutes long, “The End Is An Idea” features a single guitar passage repeated over and over. On paper, it’s something that really should not work, but in practice it is strangely hypnotic and hugely effective. It makes for a great end to the EP, and hints that the band could develop in some very interesting directions in the future.

Whilst this kind of raw black metal might seem simple on paper, the truth is that it’s not as easy to pull of in reality; if the riffs and production aren’t up to standard, then you’re left with a dud that plods along. Thankfully, Tare are very successful in their first attempt at the style, with some great riffs and a spot-on production, as well as enough points of interest to hint at greater things to come in their future. If you’re looking for sophistication and elegance in your black metal, look elsewhere. But if twenty minutes of raw, blasphemous primitivism will improve your day, then Ritual Degradation is for you.

The release can be streamed in full via Bandcamp. A physical release is set for late April, coming in a DVD style case containing a cassette and mini-CD. It can be pre-ordered via Eternal Death.

Rating: 8/10

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