Botanist/Palace Of Worms – EP1: The Hanging Gardens/Ode To Joy


Another review of mine has been published at Summing Spirits, this one for the split EP between US black metal bands Botanist and Palace Of Worms.

“US one-man acts Botanist and Palace Of Worms have both been making waves for a few years now with their distinctive takes on black metal, and EP1: The Hanging Gardens of Hell / Ode to Joy demonstrates exactly why that is. This is not black metal for those yearning for past glories and to whom anything not sounding like it came from Scandinavia in the mid-90s is “untrue.” Rather, it is for those who see black metal existing just as much in spirit as it does in sound, and aren’t afraid to embrace something more adventurous and experimental, as well as challenging.”

Read the full review here.

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