Grime – Deteriorate


I’ve had another review published at Summoning Spirits, this time for Deteriorate by Grime, an album of truly dirty, nasty sludge.

“There are some records that just aren’t meant for good times or positive responses. ‘Depressive’ genres can sometimes provide a kind of enjoyment through catharsis, such as what the best doom metal can provide. At other times the simple power of ‘The Riff’ can turn what might seem, on paper, a pretty miserable style of music into something enjoyable, as anyone familiar with some of Eyehategod’s material can surely attest to. Every now and then, there comes an album so vicious, so ugly, so utterly nasty in almost every way possible that it seems almost impossible that anyone can actually enjoy it, yet it still manages to have a special kind of magnetism and negative appeal. Deteriorate, the debut full length from Italians Grime, is one such album. This is music for truly bad days; the kind where you don’t want anything to get better, but just to dwell in how utterly horrid you feel.”

The full review can be read here, at Summoning Spirits.

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