Album of the Day: Nile – Black Seeds of Vengeance


Label: Relapse Records

Imagine. You’re sixteen years old, buying Kerrang! because it includes features on bands like Ash and Placebo; but you’re also dipping your toes in to nu-metal, and exploring things heavier than what the radio offers. Thanks to the wonders of Napster, nothing feels off-limits. So, when said magazine is raving about the new album by a band called Nile, that it says is one of the best things released these year – well, of course you check it out. And it’s nothing like you have ever heard before, and blows your mind. Black Seeds of Vengeance was my first introduction to death metal, and an album that still sounds superb.

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Album of the Day: Teitanblood – Seven Chalices


Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli 

Seven Chalices is a modern classic. The debut album from Teitanblood was eagerly anticipated, and when it was unleashed in 2009, it more than lived up to expectations. Pulling from the likes of Blasphemy, Celtic Frost, and Incantation – but without really sounding like any of them – this is a masterclass of death metal, and one of the most ominous, evil sounding records to have been released in the past ten years. Underground death metal is currently awash with bands trying to sound something like this, but few have even come close to matching Seven Chalices.

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Review: ISA – Chimera


Label: Self-released

Solo projects and one-person bands often have a reputation for creating music that are crude and raw, both in the best and worst senses. The opposite is true for Chimera by ISA though; the solo project of Dan Curhan has been a long time coming (six years, to be exact), and judging by the end results, it sounds as if not a day has gone by during that time when Dan wasn’t working on these songs. This is psychedelic, progressive death metal of the most intricate kind, with a huge range of dynamics, moods, and atmospheres. It’s a challenging listen; but one that’s very rewarding, and as far removed from what you’d expect from a one-person release to be like as is possible.

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Album of the Day: War on Women – Capture the Flag


Label: Bridge9 Records

The self-titled album from War on Women was one of the best punk/hardcore albums of the best… well, in a really fucking long time. Funny and furious in equal measure, its contained feminist anthems of protest and self-empowerment. New album Capture the Flag had a lot to live up to, and more than delivered. As stated in my review at PureGrainAudio, the album is tighter, stronger, more focused – all the things you’d hope for from a follow-up. It is also a modern classic, and one of the most inspiring albums since… well, since the last War on Women album.

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Review: Petrichor – No Silver Lining: A Return to Rain


Label: Self-released

It’s been a few years since the release of Rain in 2016, and a few things have changed in that time with Petrichor. The Yorkshire-based doom band are now closing one chapter and starting another, and to mark this change are releasing No Silver Lining: A Return to Rain. As the title suggests, No Silver Lining is something of a revised version of the original Rain album, featuring one new track and re-worked versions of four songs from the original. It’s a brave, bold move – and one the band admit they will make no money from – and is not only a fine companion piece to Rain, but also a strong record in its own right that bodes well for the future of the band.

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Album of the Day: Kreator – Gods of Violence


Label: Nuclear Blast

When Gods of Violence was first released, I absolutely loved it. The latest album by German thrash legends Kreator was a real rush of energy, with high-tempo songs and a glossy production that made the album sound vibrant, yet far from tame. Some of my initial enthusiasm has worn off in the meantime, but it’s still an undeniably solid album, and features a few songs that, whilst different from Kreator of old, feel hugely important, and underlined the anti-prejudice, inclusive nature of the band.

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Review: Corpsehammer – Pervsión


Label: Morbid Skull Records

The third EP from Corpsehammer sounds like it could have been unearthed from some decaying tomb, buried in a nuclear wasteland at some point in the 80’s and only recently discovered. Perversión is a celebration of the days when black and death metal were one and the same, with more than a hint of old-school South American madness to it. This is extreme metal for those who like their music to be utterly uncompromising in its blasphemous ways, drenched in bloodsoaked riffs and possessed of demonic spirit.

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